Nutrition Workshop

Eat well. Live well.

Nutrition - Discover new energy by eating the right food.

Maya believes that food is a key factor in developing a healthy foundation for your wellbeing. There are many benefits to establishing a strong foundation, weight management, increased energy, emotional regulation and assists in the prevention of disease

Workshop Benefits:

  • A full day of downtime to relax your body and ease your mind.
  • Learn how to cook

Workshop Schedule:

  • 8am – Registration
  • 8.30am-10am – Light yin yoga & guided meditation
  • 10am-10.30am – Morning tea/swim in the heated pool or beach
  • 10.30am-12pm – The Physiological Effects of Continuous Stress on the Body, Pranayama (Breath Regulation) and Mantra Meditation to help calm the mind, energise and awaken the spirit.
  • 12pm – 2.30pm – Organic Vegetarian Cooking Class and Lunch
  • 2.30pm – 4pm – “The eyes are the windows to your soul” – understanding your unique emotional Iridology iris structure to bring more awareness and calmness into your life + specific yoga postures and a touch of Yoga Wisdom to help achieve optimal emotional health.
  • 4.30pm – 5pm - Yoga Nidra guided meditation
  • 5pm – 5.30pm – Kirtan (Mantra chanting)

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20 March 2020

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