Heal the body and the mind will follow

KIS - Keep it simple and lose weight

KIS Keep It Simple and Lose Weight: Increase your natural metabolism and adjust your mindset to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Sick of yo-yo dieting that gets you nowhere?
Most diets are extremely restrictive. They restrict the type of foods that we are allowed to consume and most of their focus is on what we can't have rather than what we can have. Compliancy is a great big issue as well as the 'punishment syndrome': we punish ourselves for over - indulging by restricting our diets to the extreme. After a while, we start to feel deprived and unhappy, and as soon as we begin to indulge in all of the 'wrong' types of foods that were forbidden while on our diet, we gain weight again. Our bodies end up nutritionally imbalanced, deprived, not to mention emotionally confused. They stop trusting us!

KIS is not a diet. KIS is not a fad - KIS is a wholesome eating and lifestyle plan, created by one of Queensland's (Australia) favourite registered nutritionists, who also a fitness professional, yoga teacher and iridologist (Maya Brosnan), that will help you become slimmer, healthier and feel more energised. You will learn simple ways to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life while the entire family enjoys delicious recipes and experience the health benefits of living the KIS lifestyle.

What makes KIS and Lose Weight different?

  • No calorie counting
  • No calculating fat content or weighing food
  • No complicated eating regimes
  • Simple progressive weekly guidelines guaranteed to get you results
  • Simple and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Simple tried and tested solutions that will increase your metabolism, set a strong mindset and help you lose the fat for good

KIS is the only weight loss book out which includes an iridology chapter which will further help open your eyes to to improving your natural metabolism. The iridology chapter will teach you how to recognise signs in your own eyes that can help you better understand your body, unlock your metabolism and let go of unwanted fat - long term.

KIS cuts to the chase
The Keep It Simple food plan empowers you right from the first chapter. You will learn everything you need to know about healthy, sustainable weight loss that will last you a lifetime. As you experience changes in the way your body looks and feels, you can read progressively and learn more about how you can become the most efficient fat burning machine.

Life's too short for bad coffee, peeling carrots and counting calories
The KIS way of preparing and consuming food, will help you better communicate with your body as it feels more and more comfortable letting the fat gradually go. KIS will teach you how to eat sensibly, healthily and keep yourself satisfied, while still enjoying a social life, allowing you to reward yourself and having guilt - free treats with a smile.

Without anything complicated or stressful like counting calories, weighing food or calculating fat content, Maya is sharing some secrets with you which she has tested and researched, walked and talked and has been practicing herself and with her clients. Through working as a leading nutritionist, iridologist and fitness professional, she has helped numerous people reach their health goals for over 20 years. Now it's your turn.

In a unique chapter, this book also offers solutions to shedding those stubborn kilos that just won't shift. Through the fascinating health insight of iridology you will discover the secrets to unlocking your unique metabolism. You will be losing weight through recognising various signs in your own eyes which relate to specific physical nurture points needing extra TLC. Resolving any of those physical issues can put you on the road to not only achieving the body you always desired you will also enjoy a healthier, sexier, more energised version of you.



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